Solar Power Systems

Solar SolutionLamb Energy's solar solutions allow customers to turn sunlight into electricity.  Solar power systems have been used as a reliable source of electricity generation for over 30 years.  Once installed, the systems require virtually no maintenance and provide reliable power for well over 25 years.  To learn more about the process of turning sunlight into usable electricity, please visit the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL) website.

Those who a install solar power system often enter into a net metering agreement with their local utility.  When the system is producing more electricity than is being used, the client's utility meter spins backwards and the client receives credit for the electricity being distributed back into the grid.  Under this agreement, the customer can eliminate all or a portion of their monthly electric bill.  With steadily increasing electricity rates, the avoided cost of electricity results in an attractive return on investment.

Solar power systems produce zero carbon emissions.  Electricity produced from coal and natural gas produces 2.10 and 1.32 pounds of carbon emissions per kilowatt-hour, respectively.  These carbon emissions are eliminated by using clean solar power.  Depending upon the utility and the incentives available, some customers are eligible to receive Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).  In some cases, the RECs can be sold to another party to increase the financial attractiveness of installing a solar power system.

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